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Essential SEO Tools To Grow Your Business

Essential SEO Tools To Grow Your Business

Do you want to know the best SEO tools that SEO professionals use every day? Take a look at this list to get valuable information on your website.

I have been involved in SEO and content marketing tools for many years, and during that time I have worked on the client side, in advertising agencies and in my own companies.

No matter where you have worked, one thing has been consistent and is the need for SEO tools and many of them. Some of them are complicated and others provide surprising information with only the click of a few buttons.

The following SEO tools are those that, in my opinion, offer very useful information with little or no training required.



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This is a valuable tool to understand, the main function allows you to view and export all the backlinks that are currently and previously linked (ed) to the site you are reviewing. They also classify the domain and URLs according to what they call DR and UR (domain qualification / URL qualification), which basically means that the higher the number, the more likely it is that you have to classify.

“Paid search advertising data is also available, although I think this is not as accurate as organic information, so take it with a grain of salt.”

The secondary functions, which are still great, allow you to review the main content of the site through links, social networks and estimated traffic.

Why would you use it?

One of the best ways to meet an online competitor is to look through their backlinks. Doing this will give you valuable information about the SEO strategy that you have implemented and you can use this information to make sure your strategy is superior. It should also provide you with ideas on how you can leverage your own network to create digital partners who can establish backlinks to your site.

The secondary function that gives you the ability to see the main content through links and shared resources is a very useful feature that gives you information about the types of content you should create and how good it should be. My advice is to always try to be at least twice as good as your competitor.



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This is one of the most useful tools I have found. SEMrush allows you to find out what keywords rank a website on Google and a very close estimate of what position they occupy. It seems to me that this is usually accurate at 2 -3 points in any way.

You are also provided with a list of the main competitors that point to the same keywords as the website you are investigating.

Paid search advertising data is also available, although I think this is not as accurate as organic information, so take it with a grain of salt.

To use SEO tools like this, all you need to do is write the domain name of the site you want to investigate, establish the country from which you want to obtain the data, and be absent.

Why would you use it?

The main reason I use SEMrush is to get a general description of the websites currently classified in Google, so I can search for pages that I need to optimize better (if it’s something I work on) or pages that are driving a lot of traffic to a competitor (so he can discover how to be more competitive against them).

A simple benefit that you can get from the tool is to see which pages of products / services and blog articles you have published that are at the end of the first page or at the top of the second page of a Google search with large volume or for purchase. Targeted search terms, by doing this, you will know where there are opportunities for easier and faster gains in your optimization efforts.

Screaming Frog


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Screaming Frog is, in essence, a web crawler (or a spider, if you wish), which provides you with very detailed information about your website, including a list of all pages with URLs and the current response code. (Explanation of the quick response code: 200 good, 404 bad, need 301, page 301 is redirected, 500 servers error, contact your host).

It also shows all your title tags and meta descriptions with the character count and tells you what H1 and H2 are on each page. This information is only scraping the surface of the data you can get with this tool, but it is a good place to start.

Why would you use it?

This tool is an excellent way to get a quick review of the state of the basics of your site. Simply enter your domain name, change the settings in the upper left to “HTML only” and press the go button.

Once you have completed the crawl, export the data to Excel or Google sheets and then you will have a simple way to make sure that your title tags are optimized for the main keyword of the page and have the correct length (less than 60 characters).

The tool makes it easy for you to see the copy of your meta description to make sure it is highlighted on the search results page and verify that you do not have many broken URLs (404).

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