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When Doing SEO

3 Things To Remember When Doing SEO

Search engine optimization has been widely used for 10 years and promises to be very useful in the coming years. It has helped the success of many online companies that use SEO to promote their products and services. It has also generated revenue for many SEO companies that offer optimization services.

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Throughout the years, many people have also abused the use of search engine optimization. Therefore, Google has regulated its use by implementing algorithms that could detect unethical strategies to improve classifications without much effort. There are software systems that have been used to automate the sending of articles and blogs that, when carried out aggressively, can generate spam on the Internet. To counter this, Google has recently launched its latest algorithms called Panda and Penguin. They sound cute, but they have punished a lot of websites. You do not want that to happen on your sites, so it is imperative that you practice White Hat SEO and remember these things:

The structure and design of the website:

Affect SEO efforts. Have you ever wondered why good SEO companies analyze the structure and design of the website before realizing optimization strategies? Going directly to optimization without doing an analysis on the site could waste your efforts first. The meta tags and keywords found on the website should be aligned with the specific keywords used for SEO. The division of content on the site into two more pages could lead to easier optimization to improve the ranking of each page.

Content will always be king:

Always remember to write content for people first and second for search engines. Creating content for people means that you write in the correct grammar and understandable language. On the other hand, writing content for search engines means that the content is dotted with the right number of keywords in the right places.

There are written articles that circulate well on the Internet and that a single piece of the article could only provide a link to the optimized site. These are the types of content that make the Internet a place for research and good information.

Never automate:

There are software applications that can send a large number of links from a single article at the click of a button. Although this is a very easy way to do things, it is still considered unethical in the SEO standards as well as in the Google. The effect of automation is spam on the web. Remember that you have the address of your website attached to those automated links. When you are captured by Google, your site will be penalized. Doing things manually at a steady pace is much better.

These 3 things when taken into account while doing SEO will definitely get good ranking results. Although it could be minimal, it is best that your website is in a safe place.

5 promises that a lousy SEO company can give you

If you own a business, you may have already thought about incorporating SEO or search engine optimization into your marketing strategy. If you are in Australia you will prefer SEO Australia; Well, why not, when virtually every company has its own website with a well-planned SEO strategy to increase site traffic and brand recognition, which will ultimately result in higher sales? However, the problem lies in the SEO company that will hire.

Is there a sure way to hire a competent SEO company? No, there is more to follow the indications of what the company promises could give you an idea of ​​what kind of SEO company they are. For example, the following promises are a lousy SEO company.

Massive links of quality:

In SEO, the words mass and quality do not come together. If the company promises 500 links of articles, 1000 directories and 1000 blog comments in a month, surely these links are not of high quality. They are generated software that will not do any good to your website. With the latest updates in the Google algorithm, the detection of unnatural links is quite easy. Getting your website punished by Google is the last thing you want.

First page in SERPs:

Unless your company’s website is already on the first page of Google, instant high-ranking promises no longer work with many customers. The goal of SEO is not only to master the results page of the search engine (SERP). When making all these optimization efforts, consider quality is very important. A company that slowly builds the reputation of its business using white hat techniques is more favorable than one that increases its ranking immediately using unethical methods. Sooner or later, Google will notice and your website will be punished.

Quick results:

SEO requires a lot of time and effort to execute correctly. A company that promises results within a couple of weeks with respect to the ranking of the website must have cut the angles and this action will eventually recover.

Please look for the engines:

After hearing this from a company, execute it. SEO does not aim to please search engines. What it does is please readers and visitors. When writing content for article marketing, for example, keep in mind that the content is for people who are not for the search engine.

Google Trick:

Seriously, a company that tells you that this is very accommodating. Google is smart, always up to date and is not lenient when it comes to offenders. There have been strategies before they worked, but after some changes made by Google, they became useless. Instead of cheating Google, why not just please? You can only please Google by using the correct techniques and adding value to the customers, not adding them to the garbage on the network.

Do not listen to these promises. You should know better by hiring the best SEO company. Find one through references or through the help of the Internet.

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