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Repair Businesses from Adwords

Google Bans Tech Repair Businesses from Adwords

Google has announced that it will greatly restrict all advertising on its platforms made by third-party technical support and repair companies (such as smart phone repair, laptop repair, etc.). It has taken this step in an attempt to prevent the increase of fraudulent and “harmful” companies that use Google platforms to place their ads.

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In addition, this great restriction will be followed by an implementation of a verification process so that companies in the technical support sector can filter legitimate businesses from scams.

Director of Global Policy at Google

David Graff, director of global policy at Google, said in a blog post Google Ads that the company is currently rejecting fraudulent companies, which has led to these extreme measures. According to reports, the company also eliminates 100 “bad announcements” per second.

According to Graff, the company has also worked with law enforcement and government agencies to address abuse in this area. However, since real fraudulent activity takes place outside the Google platform, it is increasingly difficult to separate legitimate businesses from bad ones.

Graff admits that the measures will not result in the complete elimination of “bad actors”, but the company will continue to do everything possible to keep its advertising platform safe for all.

This new policy is already having drastic repercussions for third-party technical support providers, since even legitimate companies have advertising restrictions. Since this is a specific industry ban, even working with an AdWords agency will not help in your case, no matter how optimized your campaigns are!

Of course, for legitimate businesses, this new policy means that they must go through a verification process to place ads on the Google platform. However, this could be good news for legitimate companies, since there will be fewer players in the space than before, which makes the costs of pay per click lower and the competition is less severe.

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