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Link Building

At aussiedigitalmarketing we take link building very seriously. It is one, if not the most important ranking factors that Google takes into account when determining where your website will be located for your main keywords. The difference between the way compilations of team links are formed and other SEO agencies build their links is huge. Many agencies will simply devote their time to creating one or two links per month on low quality websites, without any relevance to their sector. Anyone can do this and the overall negative impact on their classification is detrimental.

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So what do aussiedigitalmarketing do those others don’t?

We carry out a thorough investigation of your business and look for relevant sites with which we communicate. We communicate with the owners of these websites and see if we can post content on your site with a link to your site. Known as a blogger extension, this is the best White Hat SEO technique that can be used today to build trust and authority on your website.

Content outreach

We make sure that the sites we target are all high-quality, high-quality sites that have what is called a high DA value (domain authority). The higher the domain authority, the greater the number of links and the authority that will pass to your website. A general rule to keep in mind here is that it is much better that your SEO rankings get 1 high DA link than 10 average DA links.

Best practice link building

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Each internal link to your website sends a ranking signal to Google about the trust and authority of their sites. The better the link, the more Google will trust your website and, in turn, this will be reflected in your rankings. Google spiders love indexing and crawling on all new links, especially if they are reliable. It is one of the ways in which Google can place any value on your site other than the content. Our goal is to find these wonderful high DA sites on your behalf and have the sweetest content written on them.

We make sure that the active anchor text (this is the text of the hyperlink in which it will be redirected to your site) in these high DA sites is relevant to the page to which it goes. For example, if you clicked on a link that was entitled: “cosmetic surgeons” and in the case of a page on “dentists”, it would be considered an unwanted email link since its relevance is deficient. Because we write the content and have direct access to the owners of these DA sites, we can control the anchor text to get the best link value.

Link diversity

We know that some websites can be grouped by a single owner and these are known as private blog networks. This is when an owner can register several domains, optimize each site and pretend that they are not related to each other when in fact they are. Google will know the details of the owners and will devalue all links placed on these sites. Many SEO agencies have their own private networks of blogs and use them strictly for their main SEO strategy. Google has realized these techniques of “black hat” and this is one of the main reasons why websites cannot do them continuously. At aussiedigitalmarketing we stay away from these sinister networks of blogs and only build links on sites that have no relationship between them. We would have to say that we have the best link diversity practice in Sydney. There are not too many agencies that do everything possible to make it look so natural when creating links.

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We also seek to create a natural link profile for your website. Our goal is to create high DA links over a period of time to show Google a natural pattern of trust building. Sites that have 100 links built in a month can alert Google to creating unnatural links that are very spam. Sites are penalized in this way, so we are very careful in our approach to this.

We’ll see where the links are located. Are they above the fold at the beginning of the page or are they buried somewhere in the bottom? Link locations will go a long way towards improving the value of the backlink and we know exactly where they should go.

We see your competitions again link building. There’s nothing wrong with taking a good look at your competitor’s link profile and seeing why their ratings are so high. Then, we base a part of our SEO strategy on finding ways to acquire similar links to incorporate into your profile.

The never ending process of link building

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We never stop adding content to your website and building links. Whenever you want to rank on Google and maintain these rankings, we must continue to send these rankings to Google on your website. It is a continuous process that must be carried out month after month.

In short, Google wants to see a continuous process of link building and will favor sites that have high-quality high volumes in linked links over those that do not. In addition to content marketing, the success of the nay SEO campaign can be measured in the strength of the numbers of these quality links. So, if you want the link building Rolls Royce to go to the aussiedigitalmarketing team. We will fight for the best online links that will boost your rankings higher than ever.

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