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In big cities like Melbourne, SEO is becoming one of the hottest sectors to be in. With the increasing online user fee and digital business activity, companies and individuals are looking for SEO solutions to help them discover their products and services. SEO has become one of the most sought after services in Australia. Here, we’ll talk about the fundamentals of SEO, how it started, its importance in Australia and what are the typical services packages of SEO companies.

What is Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of establishing your online presence. When someone searches for your company, product or service, SEO allows it to rank high on search engines. SEO helps your website generate traffic by increasing visibility on search engines without having to pay for any advertising effort.

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The higher your site’s ranking on the search results page, or SERP, the greater the likelihood of being visited by online consumers. This can lead to lead generation for your company or service. This process is also known as organic or unpaid search marketing.

Millions of online consumers use search engines every day. The use of search engines has become part of our lives. They aim to reduce friction in digital marketing, such as geographic restrictions, availability of niche products and lack of information about a particular service. We are in a day and age where online information is regularly consumed and has provided dozens of opportunities.

Brief History of SEO

Search engines have revolutionized the way we consume information, research products and services, connect with people, and entertain ourselves. They are the strongest influence force that helps Internet users reach their destinations online. This internet tool has been a part of our daily lives and drastically reduced certain marketing and consumer-related clutter, increasing the convenience of users. If people wanted to look for a particular product, they would no longer need to visit a physical store to check it out. They could simply insert the brand or name of a particular product into a search engine and get them to the desired page. This is how search engines helped to simplify the world.

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The results page of a search engine is one of the most competitive landscapes in the world. Yes, this technology helped connect people, but without knowing how to position your website at the top of search engines, you could not use the platform to promote your business and establish your brand. Of course, anyone with any online market would like to be at the top of the search engine rankings.

This brings us to the era of search engine optimization or SEO. During the early days of search engines, webmasters looked for strategies to get their sites ranked high on search engines. At that time, webmasters were doing dozens of activities to optimize their sites. During this time, webmasters were restricted to on-page activities such as creating relevant content, reproducing word counts, embedding accurate HTML tags, and adding internal and external links.

Webmasters have found that in order to improve their search engine ranking, you have to enter a few keywords multiple times in all your meta tags and web pages. This led others to abuse the number of keywords they put on a particular page – a practice called spam. Google entered the search engine market in 1998 by incorporating a user-friendly interface and introduced features that help revolutionize the way people search the Internet. They introduced updates and changes to their algorithm that targeted unethical SEO practices, also known as black hat strategies. This made the webmasters access the clipboard again and adapt.

Google has become the world’s leading search engine, thanks to constant updates to combat spamming of keywords and other black hat strategies, making it the preferred platform of SEO experts around the world. Google has also gone through a series of updates to optimize its algorithms to provide a multitude of quality search results. The SEO industry is growing rapidly. Today, thousands of start-up companies, bloggers, companies and businesses are looking for these services to increase traffic to their web pages and declare their desire to be at the top of Google page rankings.

SEO in Australia: An Overview

Australia is one of the many countries in the world that is experiencing rapid growth with the use of the Internet and Internet-related services. With a population of more than 25 million, 87% are Internet users, 72% are active users of social media and 64% are users of mobile social media. As of 2019, the percentage of Internet users remains unchanged compared to 2018, but the number of users of active social media (5.9%) and users of mobile social media (6.7%) increased. Researchers hope these numbers will continue to increase in the future.

With the rapid growth of Internet and Internet users, the SEO industry is expected to experience a boom in Australia. In a country with such a vast space between cities and a relatively low population, SEO companies based in Australia can greatly help local businesses gain exposure and local consumers to gain easy access to a myriad of products and services.

Taking advantage of SEO services in Australia for your local business will be truly beneficial as people looking for products and services online are growing rapidly. The growth of e-commerce has greatly increased for most categories of products and services in Australia. Since 2018, growth in terms of people looking for products and services has grown by 11%, people who visit online stores have increased by 11%, online transactions have increased by 10%.

This compelling evidence of increasing online activity only strengthens the need for companies to invest in SEO strategies to stay competitive in their respective industries. Today, especially in Australia, it’s all about having an online presence. Boosting your online existence in this digital era, especially in a country where major cities are located far from each other, is essential to your brand.

SEO is a lucrative venture in Australia, especially in Melbourne. Most SEO companies in the country are located in Australia’s largest city. You can expect some fierce competition when it comes to the SEO industry. Despite Australia’s relatively low population, the digital marketing industry in the country is growing. There are many digital agencies only in Melbourne – reflecting the high per capita rate of digital agencies in the country.

This is great news for those looking for SEO services since you can expect every company to keep up with the latest strategies and plans. Many of these Melbourne SEO companies have spent years optimizing their websites by following the trends online and building authority for their websites and customer content. The SEO companies based in Melbourne are the leaders of the digital marketing scenario in the country.

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