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Specialized in ethical referencing (technical website audits, acquisition of high quality links and targeted content marketing), we have a perfect command of search engine optimization. With over 10 years of experience serving clients like you, we know how to produce sustainable SEO results.

SEO Sydney

How To Pick The Right SEO Company Or Digital Marketing Agency?

To choose the right SEO company, you need to know certain things. Here are some questions to help you find the right growth partner:

  • Does the agency have proven experience in your area?
  • Can they produce relevant case studies for your niche?
  • Do they have an ethical understanding of the market?
  • What techniques and tactics do they use for building links?
  • Are they specialists in organic research or do they prefer CPD and social media to generate traffic?

Our SEO Services Process

Technical SEO Audit

Image result for Technical SEO Audit

We examine the areas in which your website can be corrected from a technical point of view in SEO. A typical audit examines scanning errors, referrals, 404 pages, keyword optimization, title tags, internal links, and content duplication issues.

Keyword Research

We do this to identify the areas that will bring you the best conversions on the search engines.

Content Strategy

We will review your content and suggest how to use it to help you in your SEO campaign.

SEO Strategy

We will develop a solid strategy for your business to ensure you get the page rank you deserve. We will focus on bringing together key areas of the business to implement an effective SEO strategy.

On-going link acquisition/development & Management

Business never sleeps. We are always ready to ensure that your campaign achieves the desired results. By developing an ongoing campaign of acquiring links and content of high quality, your business will remain competitive in the SERPS.

Link Building & Digital PR Campaigns

Related imageOur team has a proven record of delivering digital PR and large link acquisitions. We can improve your link profile, consult to help you produce content that can be linked, and help your brand manage online reputation by creating appropriate links.


On-site content marketing

Image result for On-site content marketingWe will ensure that your team has the appropriate process to add on-site content. A high quality content strategy and a digital marketing strategy are essential to drive traffic to your site.

On-going consulting and general digital marketing advice

We are proud to be transparent and very responsive to our customers. Due to the complexity of digital marketing, many of our clients have ongoing questions and ideas. We will be happy to advise you and assist you daily when it suits you best.

Working with your internal team

Our goal is to become an addition to your existing team. In other words, we work with your internal marketing team or your managers to achieve the best results.

Case Studies & Client Success Stories 

Education SEO Growth

Aussiedigitalmarketing has been contacted to help an education provider develop organic research using natural search and high quality content marketing.

The site had been previously neglected by the previous agency. In this particular case, they had implemented poor quality strategies that did not work for the client. None of their web pages had visibility on the front page.

Aussiedigitalmarketing is developing a high-growth content and SEO plan.


In 20 months, our customer has seen a significant increase in organic visibility, website traffic and revenue. Specifically, aussiedigitalmarketing has increased organic visibility from 5,000 to more than 100,000 per month.

Real Estate SEO Growth

Aussiedigitalmarketing has worked with a large real estate client to assist in a professional SEO campaign.

The client focused on acquiring high quality links, digital public relations, content development and the technical SEO agency with aussiedigitalmarketing. We were able to assist the customer and increase the SEO traffic by 199% over a period of 6 months.

Some common questions and answers that our team receives from people looking for Sydney SEO help?

The questions below can help you choose the right SEO provider in Sydney.

  1. Do you work on local SEO campaigns?

Yes, we offer local SEO campaigns for some customers. Contact us to find out if we can help you improve the local visibility of your business.

  1. What is Black Hat SEO?Image result for Black Hat SEO

Blackhat SEO includes tactics and SEO practices contrary to Google’s guidelines. For example, misuse of markup of rich snippets may result in manual action being applied to a site.

  1. Do you work with small business owners?

We work mainly with companies that generate more than one million sales. We also work with funded startups.

  1. What makes your agency the best SEO company in Sydney?

Aussiedigitalmarketing won the best agency award at the 2018 SEMrush search marketing awards. This was voted by a panel of 20 professional SEOs. That’s what makes us the best SEO agency in Sydney.

  1. What are the most important ranking factors of Google?

Google never published a definitive list of ranking factors. This is done to prevent the system from being played and manipulated. It is here that an experienced SEO can identify areas for improvement and implement the necessary changes. We will first look at how your website fits with Google’s guidelines.

  1. How can I increase my organic online presence?

A solid SEO and digital marketing strategy is the foundation for improving your online presence. Once implemented and carefully monitored, this will help you achieve a growth in organic presence.

  1. How many years of experience is important?

It takes several years to become a true SEO expert. Indeed, the landscape of organic research is constantly evolving. Although the information is readily available, getting SEO results is very different from knowing the content alone. Execution is paramount and that’s why it takes years of practice to become an experienced SEO consultant.

  1. Do you offer a web design?

We work directly with Web designers specialized in their field. Each CMS has its own technical nuances, so we work with specific WordPress, Shopify and Magento web designers.

  1. Do you offer social media?

We work with partners specializing in social media, we focus more on SEO, content and Adwords.

  1. Do you build SEO marketing strategies for customers?

Yes, we work with many clients to develop a holistic marketing strategy that integrates SEO. Typically, we help them understand the results they can expect with more powerful lists of organic search results.

  1. What is the average CTR of the first page for SEO resultsImage result for CTR

CTR is based on a combination of factors. Featured content snippets can result in a significant drop in CTR and, when ads are displayed on a SERP, the CTR can almost halve. Long-tail search terms tend to produce a higher CTR.

  1. How many SEO experts work at Aussiedigitalmarketing?

Many of our employees have over 10 years of experience in search engine marketing and know how to generate organic traffic results for customers. Are we experts in SEO? We like to think that we know something about the ranking of websites.

  1. Will I need new web pages?

This will depend on your site’s configuration and SEO strategy. Sometimes a new landing page is required, while on other occasions we recommend annotations for an existing page.

  1. What are the common SEO techniques used by your team?

Unlike other SEO agencies, we only deploy ethical SEO techniques. This includes performing technical analysis, optimizing content for CTR, optimizing internal links and performing audits and link analyzes.

  1. Do I really need search engine optimization?

For most industries, online competition for visibility and CTR is high. Although the CPP can produce immediate results, the corresponding CPC may not be sustainable. As a result, it may be more cost effective to spend a portion of your marketing spend on SEO to produce long-term conversions.

  1. Where is your SEO team based in Sydney?

We are based in Surry Hills, we have a team of 14 SEO and digital marketing professionals.

  1. Does your team offer Adwords / PPC services?

Yes, we offer Google Ads and PPC services to business owners.

  1. Can you guarantee the ranking of search engines?

Nobody can guarantee the ranking of the pages of the search engines, that goes against the directives of Google.

  1. What are the current SEO practices?

Common SEO practices are such things as technical SEO audits and changes to be made, setting up schemas on the website.

  1. Who will manage my account?

We have dedicated SEO account managers who only work on a small number of tasks.

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