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Optimizing search engine, more commonly referred to as “SEO”, is the process of finding your website found on search engines like Google when people do a research related to your business, service or product.

Regardless of whether your website is trading e-or selling services it will drive leads and sales to your business if it is found for the search term people who use (often referred to as “keywords”)

SEO requires knowledge and thoughtful of how Google reads your website. What messages and information do you want Google to read to a webpage or website and know where to place such information for search engines can find it. A good SEO company will have a proven track record in ranking on high websites in search results.

SEO works best when the proven methods of finding rankings are applied in conjunction with the latest trend driving traffic. An example of this is the “near me” phenomenon, which saw a 150% growth in the last 12 months, where mobile phone users are adding “near me” to their search query. SEO Company in Sydney . Customers are looking to buy and buy from a local service or product provider.

Although SEO can be a stand alone service, it is more effective when combined with PPP, social media and reputation marketing. SEO is also an important component of effective PPC, social media and reputation management campaigns.

Pay per click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is commonly referred to as “Google Advertising” or “Online Advertising” is where you position ads at the top of the search results for specific search terms. These search terms can be the words that people use when in the “search” phase of making a purchase or targeting of the “keyword to purchase” when potential customers are looking to buy.

Although your ad, depending on your budget, can be shown every time they do a research, you only pay when a Web user clicks on your ad and takes on your website or direct calls to the search page ie You pay only when you get a click from a potential client hence the name for this form of marketing in Pay Per Click (often abbreviated to PPP).

How much you pay for each click is determined by some factors. The “cost per click” (abbreviated CPC) is determined by the quality and relevance of the search term’s ads that are used and the importance of the page on your website that the potential customers land on. These factors contribute to all of your “quality notes”. The higher your quality note, the less you pay for each click and less you pay for each lead in your business.


In the Sydney , Google has the vast majority of search traffic and most of your budget should be put, however, you will not want to miss the least but still considerable potential for customers from search engines like Bing Microsoft’s platform, with a small one. they should receive part of the budget of other search engines. Also, the very best SEO company companies will also discuss spreading your PPC budgets on a number of campaigns aimed at different parts of the client journey.

A small part of the budget should be allocated to the research stage of the purchase process when people use great search terms to get information, a small part of the budget when people are looking for you, your competitors or market leader company names company. The majority of the budget when potential customers are using search terms directly related to making a purchase and finally, a small part of the re-market market (displays your advertisements to those who have shown an interest in your service or product Do not visit your … website) take up and drive up conversion from customers already published.

A Google partner partner situation indicates that the company has a proven track record of delivering high-quality campaigns, generating the competitive low / low CPC and delivering high and positive ROI. The best PPC agency will have a robust PPC management process in place to quickly react and capitalize on changes in the PPC campaigns of your competitors.

Unlike SEO, which can take some time to be fully effective, Pay for instant clicks in the fact that as soon as your campaigns live can generate leads to your business.

PPP is very effective when carried out in unison with SEO. A well-optimized website will improve the quality of your Google Advertising campaigns resulting in a reduced “cost per click” meaning you get more drive for your budget.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are now legitimate places for an attractive business drive. Facebook has more than 38 million active and regular users in the Sydney and the projected number is rising to more than $ 42 million by 2020. Regardless of whether your business is sold to consumers or other businesses, your potential customers are on Facebook and when use it frequently.

Facebook is excellent in raising alertness during the stage “customer” research, recalling them to your service or product during the “consideration” stage and putting your specific product in front of potential customers in the “buy” step. With such a great audience and flexibility of target customers throughout the buying process, Facebook can be a good future generous drive and sales and deliver a great return on investment.