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Video Engagement

Consumers tend to spend the majority of their mobile Internet time within applications. Companies have developed applications to offer exclusive offers. They also offer the option to buy products through their e-commerce store. Brand applications are quality channels to increase user commitment and brand loyalty.

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Personally, I will not download the application of a brand unless it is a loyal customer and wants to be aware of new trends. Customers who have taken the time to download the application of a brand are the most loyal customers that a brand has.

To market effectively in a mobile world, brands must think of their applications as mobile video mailboxes. This will keep users engaged and maintain brand loyalty.

Fight for Attention

You may not realize how difficult it is to reach consumers through traditional TV and video channels. Television is the first thing for thousands of sellers, but more and more people are cutting those TV cables and are simply not watching TV anymore. This may be due to the growing popularity of streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and more. This makes it difficult for brands to reach the level of dissemination that they could have achieved in the past. With the mobile audience on the rise, brands must find new ways to keep their customers interested.

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Content Hub

The applications are designed for a purpose. If you are a frequent traveler, you can have an airline application to buy tickets and register. You can also have an AmEx application to verify your credit card account. While consumers can only use these applications for a particular purpose, it does not mean that they are not interested in learning more through video content. 68% of consumers say that video is their favorite way to learn about new products and services.

Brands can always add functionality to improve their applications. Insert video content directly into a user’s device and send notifications to alert them that there is something new to see is a simple and effective way to engage users. For example, the AmEx application could include videos to promote rewards and destinations packages available to cardholders, or videos about the characteristics of the cards to inspire consumers to spend more. Pressing this content on mobile devices will give users something useful to complete their downtime while traveling daily, in a waiting room and other times when they are looking for short entertainment.

We hope this article encourages you to amplify your mobile application and increase commitment among your loyal customers.

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Tips For Writing SEO Friendly Content

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You’ve heard it hundreds of times, when it comes to content SEO is the king. This term is used a lot because it is true. The content of your landing pages is the best way to help direct the search terms to your website. While it may sound simple to write a landing page or an article about your industry, there are actually a couple of things you can do to improve your overall SEO results.

The most important thing to consider is that you are writing for a human, but the content must be optimized for crawling robots. Continue reading while we present some very important tips to help you write content compatible with SEO.


The first factor you should consider when writing content is how much time you are doing. The length is very important since there must be an adequate amount so that a bot can recognize its authenticity instead of just a couple of sentences. For blog posts and articles hosted on other sites, it is recommended that the length be approximately 600 words. This gives you enough room to maneuver to include 6 to 8 keyword references, which is the ideal point for density.

For landing pages, the optimal length is approximately 2000 words, but if you can not adjust that amount to 1000, it should be your goal. The large amount of content is important because the robots track it to make sure it is relevant to what people are looking for. If you only include a couple of words, robots will not consider it a high standard like some of the other websites that exist.


Keywords are your best friend when it comes to content and SEO. Ideally, you would have already done your keyword research before starting to write your content. Once you have your keywords, you should aim to include them between 1 and 1.5 percent of your total word allocation. That means that the 2000 word landing page should have mentioned the specific search term 20 to 30 times. This is the ideal point when it comes to keyword density, since it tells the bots that this is the main topic of the conversation while it does not do much and fills in the content.

Keyword stuffing is one thing and should be avoided. Search engines, including Google, disregard websites that use black hat methods and keyword stuffing and invisible text are punishable crimes. With this in mind, it is recommended that you stay within the 1 to 1.5 percent guidelines.


You may be surprised at how important it is to format the content you have on your website. The main thing to keep in mind with SEO is that while it does it for a robot and an algorithm, it also serves to benefit users searching for a website. If your landing page is just a text wall, you can be sure that people will not find it attractive and will leave as quickly as possible. Well the same happens with bots. If you see that you only have walls and walls of text, you will not classify as well as other websites.


Using the headers H1, H2 and H3 is an excellent way to optimize your content for SEO. Take this blog post, for example. The title is H1, while the subtitles below it are H2. These functions are easy to use and are present in Microsoft Word and are in WordPress.

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3 Simple SEO Tips For Beginners

If you are a small business owner and want to start with SEO, you may have been overwhelmed with all the information and resources available. It’s easy to get confused, especially if you’re reading something that is full of jargon and not very suitable for beginners.

While it may sound scary, it does not take too much to wrap your head around the general idea of what you should be doing. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of some SEO tips that are great for beginners who try it for the first time.

Take a look at your website

One thing you should do before expanding and undertaking new SEO methods is to take a look at your own website. Search engines and their algorithms are very critical with respect to websites and how they should operate when classified. An easy way to think about your website is if it’s good from the user’s perspective, and it’s likely that robots like it too. To begin loading speed is very important. You can always have someone take a look at the code on your website to make sure it is free of errors and that it works quickly and without problems.

Mobile optimization is also a great thing that needs to be addressed. Google announced that it will automatically classify websites that are mobile-optimized compared to those that are not. This is easy to implement and is an excellent advice for beginners to start their SEO efforts.

Understand what people search for

SEO is about capturing an audience by making your website appear higher when they are searching for a particular keyword. Think of some relevant keywords that people would look for when trying to find your business. Then you can use that as a base point and use a keyword planner to have some data to support your decision. There are many tools available online that allow you to see the number of searches for a particular term. Use this information to be the basis of your content.

It is also important that you consider that there are several terms that could be searched and that are related to your website. Make sure you have several search terms on your website to attract a wide range of users.

Take a look at your current search traffic

A great starting point for beginners with SEO is to analyze their current search traffic. If you have not already done so, you must have Google Analytics configured for your website. Do not stress if you have not done it, since it is quite easy to configure. Although you may want to wait a couple of months to accumulate enough data to make some informed statements about your user base.

Once you are on the analysis platform, look closely at where the traffic comes from. It is quite extensive even breaking down the search terms that people are using to find your website. You can compare this data with the search frequency of the keyword planner. Some keywords can be very popular and nobody finds you in that particular term. That means you should start creating content that includes that keyword so people can also start to find it.

There are also metrics to analyze the reference links and where people visit previously. This is also an effective measure to judge how successful your backlinking and social networking efforts are.

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Understanding SEO and Why Your Business Needs It

You may have heard of the SEO and Search Engine Optimization buzzwords that appear in the conversation but, do you really know what it is? Many industry experts and business owners claim that this method is the only true way to keep your website relevant in the modern era. However, many business owners, especially those who own and operate a small business, have no idea what this phenomenon really is.

If this situation sounds too familiar to you, you will not have to worry anymore. Continue reading as we break down what SEO is and how it can be used to benefit your business.

How long does it take to work?

When small business owners enlist in the services of an SEO agency they immediately asked what is the estimated time frame in which they can begin to see the results. As your money is invested in something that you can not necessarily understand, it is important that you know that you will have a good use and that the agency is really doing a job. That said, you will not see any real results until 3 months.

Even so, this period of time is an estimate and is not a case that fits all kinds of scenarios. For different search terms, you will find that the time period differs. For example, there are a large number of law firms and their respective websites on the Internet. If you try to get a law firm “insert the name of your city here,” it may take you much longer to qualify for that term. More niche and longer search terms are easier to classify since the competition is lower.

What are the benefits?

We mentioned it briefly before, but we cannot emphasize this point enough. It is very unlikely that people will click on the second page of results when they are looking for a term. Most clicks occur on the first page, so it is very important that you at least reach that page, if it is not the first result. Think of all the businesses you are losing if you are at the top of the second page, instead of the bottom of the first. The Internet is a great tool for people who are lazy, since they can simply search for something and with little or no effort. Of so many entrepreneurs invest in SEO services so that your website reaches the first page.

In addition, getting your website and social media channels to reach the first page also reduces the chance that a user will click on your competitors. The more results you have on the cover, the less space there will be for those who try to take away your business.

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SEO tips to improve your online awareness in 2019

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A New Year brings New Year’s resolutions so that business owners get more out of their brand and website and start generating more profits. An effective way to achieve this goal is through SEO, where you can increase your online presence by being more visible to those who are looking for relevant terms. As time passes, we can also explore new methods within the search engine optimization itself to obtain better results.

Next, let’s explore some SEO tips that you should implement in your digital marketing campaign to increase your online presence by 2019.

Content is still king

While we mentioned earlier that as time progresses, we tend to see some methods that are used on others. Content has been the king of SEO efforts for a long time and is still very relevant in 2019. Search engines include Google’s work and ranking websites due to the accuracy of their results compared to what is searching. To allow them to distinguish if a website that appears is relevant to their search term, they analyze the content that is present on all of their pages.

If there is enough content that is well written and optimized for SEO, you will recognize that the term correlates with your brand and will rank it higher than others. This is the reason why effective content creation has been and in the near future will be the best method to improve your online knowledge.

Create a blog and social media pages

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This suggestion is derived from the last point we made of content being king. The more content you have, the better and in this way you will not have to flood your website with text walls. You have the opportunity to obtain presence and results online through several other channels, such as blogs and social networking pages. Blogs are usually hosted on your website, but in a separate location to your other landing pages. However, they are also crawled by the algorithms of companies like Google and Bing to understand what it is that people do and what they should look for to find it.

Social media also allows you to capture a wider audience by appealing to other media channels. You can also link to your main website through your social media channels to direct traffic to what you want people to see.

Improve the state of your website

The design of the website and the design it has implemented are also very important factors that affect your ranking of search results. For starters, if you look at your website and you have realized that it is difficult to navigate, it is likely that the robots that track your website have also noticed. This is as frustrating for a user as for an SEO perspective. If a real user cannot manage your website, a robot cannot do it either and you could have parts of your website that have not registered at all.

This can greatly hinder your SEO ranking, since you would have invested all these resources in this content so that you have no return whatsoever. In addition, it is also important to keep in mind that websites that are optimized for mobile devices are automatically ranked higher than those that are not.

Google recently stated that they would implement this function because mobile devices account for most of the searches and websites that are not willing to commit to the future should not be ranked at the high end of the scale.



You know that you need some of your SEO and for this, you have a few options. You can employ various SEO service providers to improve your SEO software, including: SEO consultants, SEO companies or organizations, or you can work on an ongoing SEO. What? How do you know the best option? Well, there are advantages and disadvantages of choosing an appropriate SEO provider for your company and it is important to understand what is before choosing the right option for your business.



The SEO counselor is someone who has been trained to assess your current SEO efforts and teach you how to make improvements. Other consultants are able to implement certain features of the SEO program. However, that is not their main responsibility. Their main task is to act as consultants to understand that your team will work more in the home.

The benefit of hiring a counselor is that they will be able to bring your SEO strategy back to monitoring so that you can get the results. Failure is that they do not have the resources to put their advice on you. You will need to remove the job or keep it inside.


Another option is that you can do SEO work within the home within your marketing department. On the one hand, you have resources so you can also trust them to handle your search engine search function. On the other hand, they do not have the skills or time to give your app time and attention needed. Alternative methods are to employ additional staff who will volunteer on your SEO program, which can be expensive. However, no one can understand your business needs better than your local marketing team.


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Although it is true that operating transfer can help reduce costs, this may not be enough to make this option dangerous. Most people who work to manage are not native English speakers, who can negatively affect your SEO program since much of what is required to be done involves content creation. Another challenge of recruiting staff is that most of the staff will not be connected to American culture, which is one of the most unknown things that affect over the long term.


Another option is to hire full service of SEO stable. Doing so will enable your marketing department to focus on other tasks. Everyone in the company has special and will be working for the benefit of your company. The loss is that it can be more expensive than the transfer to manage or even hire a consultant. Employing a company is more expensive than the choice because if you employ a firm firm, you will have the opportunity to benefit from their great experience. Besides, the firm SEO manages to focus on all their ideas on your markets.

Before you choose how to open your SEO, it is important to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each other.

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If you are working in a domestic business, you may not think that SEO is very important, especially if you have succeeded and already have a business enterprise. You can assume that the advertising methods you used are used only fine. However, even with a basic SEO program, you can generate more business from people who have never heard of your information but will find you online. And who wants to miss that chance? Here are SEO 4 tips for local business following:


It’s our stuff that in today’s world there are still companies that have no site. And most of them are domestic businesses that have been around “forever.” No matter how much you are known in your area, it is still important to have your own web site. Facebook page and Yelp list are a good start, but it’s not a property. If Facebook and Yelp close tomorrow, then what? The local business website helps to create a brand and establish trust among the local audience. And it shouldn’t be anything fancy or hard. There are many services to design cheap websites today that are good for local small businesses. Even one page site that contains the most important information (address, phone number, hour, service provided) is better than nothing.



Internal business SEO is not really hard. All include incorporating keywords placed on the content site. So instead of calling yourself “Pizza Shop” it will make it known that you are “Anytown Pizza Shop.” Location address and phone number will add more search engines and where your site should focus on key password search.


Local listings are clear in search engines. Google even gives priority to my Google Business list on a page before an organic result. It takes only a few minutes to claim, update, and verify the local listings on Google, Yahoo! Local, Bing Businesses, Yelp, and Mapquest. Of course, there are many places in the local list, but claiming and assuring all of yourself can stimulate. To make sure that your list has now reached and correct on the web, it is advisable to invest in Yext, which takes this service for you.


In addition to maintaining the best website for your local business, you want to keep an eye out for other local websites that can connect to you. This also helps to establish your credibility in your area. Send your details to local business directories and business room and sponsorship local events.

SEO must do for every business of each size. Of course, the controversy of the campaign is similar to the industry and the objective of the market, which means that SEO’s domestic business is easy to do. So, what are you waiting for?

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Make Sure Your SEO Strategy Helps With Branding

For many years, it is understood that Google likes business websites that show the presence of powerful products as well as creating a site where users will receive value. Back in 2008, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, said that, “Brands are a solution, not a problem,” and that gives us a way to weed through all the online content to find reliable information that we are looking for. As a result, a regular drawing score is provided in a good B2B SEO program to help increase organic traffic, which also encourages the credibility of the product.

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While printing is not the only thing that you need to worry when setting up your SEO plan, it really helps make your SEO efforts more powerful, both from the user’s perspective and in search engines. Here is more information on how a job score works with your SEO strategy to help improve your organic results:

Branded Traffic Is Targeted Traffic

The purpose of any SEO business plan is to increase traffic and conversion to create a new business. More of the targeted traffic is, the more effective it will achieve these goals. Any traffic that comes to your site from search engines is almost as if it is targeted as it gets! If people are looking for your score, it’s because they are looking for information about you or just want to contact. From a business perspective, this is about efficiency as it gets. By inserting keywords into your SEO program, you encourage researchers to find you exactly through your brand.

Strengthen Both Your Brand And SEO With A Blog

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One of the best ways to improve your score is by blogging regularly. When your SEO on the site is an important piece of the SEO puzzle, it is a blogging which humanizes your brand. However, blogging also enhances your SEO software in ways that SEO’s site does not. Regularly updated new content on your blog increases social engagement and also shows search engines that your entire website works and fit in your niche. Over time, people will find your site through your published content regularly, which means that your organic traffic will increase. This process will also enhance your brand as more and more people get your content through search engines and through social media.

Your Brand Can Appear In Search Results Multiple Times

While the marker part of your SEO strategy and vice versa, this makes it easier to find Google Search results. In fact, there are many ways in which your brand can be seen with Google to show, the results of organic search, when people search for your products or services, and through internal searches. If you stopped printing from your SEO, it might be more difficult to add your organic traffic.

As a full service company of B2B SEO, we understand it is important to incorporate your brand while creating a SEO strategy. SEO on the site, use of content using methods such as blogging, and social media all work together so that it will not only enhance your organic results, but also create a great brand of brand.

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How do you know if your SEO App is located on par? The effectiveness of your SEO program depends largely on how you prepare. In other words, there is a right way to do things and then there is a bad way. There is also an intermediate step where your actions can be better, but your SEO program can still be changed.


The good news is that everyone can succeed in SEO. Here’s what you should do to prepare for success:


As many industries today, SEO continues to change. If you are dealing with SEO at home or deleting it, it is important to make sure that everyone involved continues with the current trend. They should read the sectors of the industry’s mandate, members of the industry’s most well-established sectors, and continue to improve and adjust their strategy according to what they are learning. If they take the same way they took even a few years ago, they are doing wrong. “Stick in mud” thought is going to hurt for two reasons. First, your website will hold back to most of the savvy competitors and second channels, time-consuming can damage your website and result in manual or algorithmic search engine.



The SEO quality campaign requires temporary investment and resources. If you do not have that and plan to go the cheapest way to say “you do SEO,” don’t worry. There is no better SEO than SEO cheap and you are better waiting until you have resources. Invest in rental experience in the home of SEO or take time to research a company with good reputation for SEO which will get results. In addition, consider investments in modern SEO tools that will make it easier.


In SEO the old reforms cry out, “slow and rapidly running.” If you expect quick results, you are better off investing in the PPC campaign. SEO requires ongoing work. Take one way and done, if you improve the site but do not make any content to sell or link, it is not recommended to produce a lot of long-term success.


What to run a SEO campaign without testing the results? A regular report lets you see what works and what is needed to make. The SEO’s go ahead is Google Analytics and Google Search Console. After all, it’s news directly from Google – the king of search. If your site does not have an Analytics or Search Console installed, make it a priority to do so. Remember that measuring trends over a period of time will be a better indicator of success than a month to month. This is especially true for seasonal businesses. Give your SEO campaign a lot of time recognition and search engines before worrying about the results.

What was most interesting about SEO is that it requires great investment, but it is slowly building and seeing good results. But that’s just the way, and understanding this from getting going means that you will be in a better position over a long time.

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If you own a small business, it probably does not make financial sense to hire someone to do your SEO at home. Small and medium companies can benefit from outsourcing work to an SEO company, but we understand that sometimes that is not financially possible either. It is best to work with an SEO consultant who can describe what needs to be done so that you know that the work you are doing on your own is what you should do to improve the presence of your website in the search. Of course, not all SEO consultants are created equal. Here are some tips to follow during the hiring process:


Having a basic understanding of what SEO is and what SEO work should look like is extremely valuable when hiring an SEO consultant, since you want to work with someone who will follow the rules and use modern tactics that will really have an impact. Start with the Google Webmaster Guidelines and the SEO Starter Guide. Other leading industry blogs to browse include Search Engine Land and Moz. It is important to understand how SEO and search engines work at a high level and that no one can promise results and it takes time to see the results, usually between 4 months and a year.


You want to know that you are hiring someone you can work with. Email is great, but a phone conversation helps establish a good relationship. An initial telephone conversation with an SEO consultant must be bilateral. You can learn about their experience and ask them questions about their process. Equally important, SEO can ask you about your business, your history, your target audience, other marketing and advertising efforts, competition, etc. An SEO consultant will do a much better job when you take the time to know your business in order. Create a personalized and relevant strategy If you do not ask these kinds of questions, you may want to look elsewhere.


In the SEO world, like any service-based business, references are pretty standard. A reputable SEO consultant will understand that the owner of a business will want to talk to previous clients and should be able to offer at least some references. If the consultant is not willing to provide references, it could be a red flag.

Working with an SEO consultant should be a pleasant experience. After all, they will help you make improvements to your website that will improve the user experience and increase organic traffic to increase sales over time. The selection of an SEO consultant to work should not be done on a whim. Take the time to do your research and meet any SEO consultant you are considering. This effort will pay off in the end.

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